well being

Wellbeing for the whole family

Spending time with your family is good for your soul and body. Don't waste a moment, book your next family trip. Whether you are in the company of children, friends or your beloved partner, just enjoy a holiday in South Tyrol. You'll be carrying the relaxation and treasured memories of Chalet Frieda long after your holiday.


A modern kitchen needs to be multifunctional. The induction cooktop is easy and fast to operate. Steam is removed by activated carbon filters avoiding walls and ceiling from getting damaged and preserving the special interior climate. The oven is extactly like yours. All appliances are German, including the dishwasher. Domestic comfort to make you feel at ease


Authentic and rustic- traditional furniture is cozily arranged with a trendy and chic twist. Natural wood from the immediate surroundings forms a seating area for dining, laughing and feeling good together. Handmade for your true leisure time moments.


And when it gets calmer, you can simply indulge in peace and quiet, finding the softest spot on the sofa. An exciting book to devour in your hands or a typical Heimatfilm waiting to be watched. The large couch provides room for comfort and rest.


Snuggle up, whether alone or in a pair. Soft warm blankets are waiting for you to test their fluffiness!


The pleasure of tranquillity and that of an adventurous bonfire are sure to lift the romantic heart. Yet as safety comes first, we opted for a real fire effect with integrated heating element. The room is brightened by a flickering light, feet and hands get warmer and a special sense of wellbeing sets in. The most pleasant compromise between warmth, comfort and protection.