feeling at home

Home sweet home at Chalet Frieda

Feeling at home - that's what Chalet Frieda stands for. After you enter the PIN on the keypad rather than using a key, the "sesame" will discreetly open. The display of the central control unit will immediately welcome you in. After dropping off your luggage, you'll be ready to unwind in a preheated sauna or under a monsoon shower. You'll probably want to follow this with a cold beer or a hot cup of tea in the kitchen which is equipped with all the mod-cons (depending on the holiday package).


As we place a premium on comfort, we make sure that you won't miss any of the convenience of home. The 4k TV set leaves nothing to be desired in this respect. If you can't find what you're looking for on the usual channels, feel free to use your Netflix, Amazone Prime or Flimmit account. The perfect sound comes from the Bose Bluetooth speakers which you can easily connect to your mobile phone.


Crackling and flickering - the perfect balance between the charm of an open fire and safety is made possible by today's technology. The screened fireplace warms the room just like a real one, with the added security of a custom-made radiator. A pleasant way to combine warmth, cosiness and safety.


Locally-sourced natural materials, local craftsmanship and South Tyrolean comfort. Hand-crafted by trusted carpenters, and offering individuality and the comforts of home.


Modern yet traditional, wooden floorboards convey warmth and a natural rustic appearance to the room.


A feeling of solidity and cosiness, familiarity and warmth. Sit on the sofa, relax and enjoy some peace. Sofas are the focal point of the room, because comfort comes from the ambience and snugness.