dream land

Feeling well-rested after a good night's sleep

A deep, healthy slumber at night is just what you need to renew your energy the following morning. At Chalet Frieda everything is arranged with the utmost care and expertise to ensure that your nights are as healthy and relaxing as possible. Because "Sleep is indeed a delicious invention".


Our fluffy and comfy duvets are filled with the finest type of down that will keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Top quality natural mattresses add value to the experience.


The natural wooden decor breathes life into the rooms. Like a red thread, the leitmotif of the decorated band runs along the walls of every room where the furniture is hand-crafted by a local professional from Swiss pine wood.


Indirect lighting in mountain style is good for your eyes. Alpine scenes are printed on Swiss pine wood for a charming and elegantly decorated leitmotif at Chalet Frieda.


When the night sky isn't lit by glimmering stars, a delightful mountain scenery can be an equivalent joy for the eyes.


Your holiday home will provide you with the utmost comfort - just like home. Before you drift off, you can stay tuned to the world, be it watching the news, a crime thriller or a romantic love story. The choice is yours.